Having a digital fingerprint is very important for business in the digital age. We will create a responsive and attractive website for your business and set up Social Media accounts for you. In addition, we would be happy to help you optimize your website for search engine visibility.


There are many different methods of generating leads. For every industry, there are thousands of searches each month for specific business services. Cruz Digital Marketing has developed a proven strategy to catch these leads and funnel them directly to you. When these “funnels” are set up correctly, your business will receive a high volume of phone calls and/or emails each day directly from these searches or website visits. It is imperative that your business is prepared for the increase in phone calls and emails prior to setting up this lead generation method.


Pay per click is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays a publisher (Google, Bing, etc.) when an ad is clicked. The price is determined by the popularity of the keywords you want your advertisement to appear under. Cruz Digital Marketing will create a well-designed marketing system to attract customers to click on your phone number, website, advertisement, and social media icons. You can pay per click for phone calls, or per click on your website. ​ Pay per click is an effective method of quickly generating leads. We use this method strategically in order to maximize your investment and make sure you are attracting quality leads that will turn into paying customers.


We will design anything your company needs from customized ads to a new logo. If you want to start running ads on YouTube we will create a customized video for that space and can develop any video content that you may want.